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Cosmetic dentistry can do a lot to make an individual look younger and healthier. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments worldwide and one of the easiest ways to remove years of aging from your appearance. Brighter, whiter teeth can enhance your appearance and cause you to look younger and more vibrant.

Over the years, your teeth become stained and dingy looking, even with proper oral hygiene. Beverages such as coffee, tea and red wine darken the teeth. Eating berries and other dark foods, and even certain spices, also stain the teeth over time. Brushing your teeth with a good toothpaste can remove some of the stains, but some seep deep into the enamel of your teeth, causing them to look dingy and dark.

Discoloration occurs slowly, and you may not notice how dark your teeth are becoming. To get an idea of how dull or dingy your teeth may be, take a piece of white or ivory colored paper or cloth and put it next to your teeth. You can be sure that the stains that build up and remain on your coffee or tea cup after cleaning are also making your teeth look darker.

Individuals who smoke or chew tobacco are very familiar with the stains caused by these products. Tobacco products are not good for your health or your teeth. Professional whitening can make a difference even on teeth stained with tobacco use.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Commercial over-the-counter teeth whitening kits can be effective and do an adequate job of whitening your teeth. One of the major disadvantages of using these kits is safety. Some OTC whitening kits are made with ingredients that can cause damage to your tooth enamel. When your teeth are whitened by a dental professional, you know you are in good hands. At Avalon Dental Group, we use professional grade whitening products that have been proven to be safe and effective. Our high-quality whitening systems assure you of a safe, effective treatment.

In just one hour, your teeth can be up to eight shades brighter and whiter. To help you maintain your sparkling smile, we also provide in-home whitening options to supplement your professional treatment.

Every day, millions of people request teeth whitening to help enhance their smile. You can have a beautifully bright smile, too, when you make an appointment for professional teeth whitening by contacting Avalon Dental Group.

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