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Are you seeking periodontal therapy specialists in the Katy and Fulshear, TX, area? Periodontal therapy is the treatment and care of the supportive structures of your teeth, including bones and gums. This therapy includes treatment of gum disease, placing dental implants and treating oral inflammation. As part of our general dentistry treatments, gum disease treatment might include root planing and scaling to clean out an infected tooth root.

Since much of what happens to your teeth occurs below the gum line, even in the jaw bone, periodontal therapy takes a proactive approach, meaning that your Katy dentist will need to examine your mouth in order to diagnose any periodontal problems that may exist.

Treatment for Periodontitis

In order to treat periodontitis, your Katy dental care team will remove tartar and bacteria from beneath your gum line at the surface of your teeth. This procedure is known as scaling. To prevent further buildup of tartar and bacteria in these areas, we will also perform a root planing. This will smooth out these surfaces making it less likely for tartar and bacteria buildup to adhere to the surface.

Deep Cleaning, Scaling and Root Planing

The combination of deep cleaning, scaling and planing removes bacteria from the pockets surrounding your teeth and reduces the chance for tartar and bacteria to form in the area again. Gum disease can be prevented with routine home oral hygiene and regularly scheduled cleaning appointments with your Avalon Dental team at our Katy dentistry office.

In many cases, periodontal therapy requires no additional treatment, though your dentist may recommend an ongoing treatment for you if necessary. This may include a tray drug delivery system. This is a tray fitted to your mouth that allows you to deliver mediation to your gums at home using this fitted tray. Our Katy periodontal therapy expert will discuss whether there are any post-treatment options you may need to consider. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for you or a family member at our dental office in Katy, TX.

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