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Thanks to our efficient front office staff and the advantages of state-of-the-art dental technology, many of the services we offer at Avalon Dental Group can be performed in one visit. Our online appointment form and new patient form can be filled out prior to your arrival. Unless there are any pre-existing conditions that might delay treatment, many of our services can be done that same day.

Our general dental care services such as fillings, cleanings, extractions, even temporary crowns can be done in one visit. Save time by filling out your patient information and financing forms in advance of your visit. Depending on the work you require, our advanced techniques will often allow us to do it all in one visit.
SameDay Dentistry Sugar Land TX

Dental Treatment Today!

We know your time is limited and understand how difficult it can be to fit a dental appointment into your busy schedule. Our dedicated office staff work hard to ensure that your visit doesn’t take any longer than necessary by eliminating unnecessary delays. Expedited paperwork, on-time scheduling, before and after work appointment times, prompt and courteous service all ensure that you get the dental care you need quickly.

Not every patient’s particular needs or scheduled treatments can be addressed in a single visit. There will be cases where a follow up visit is necessary, such as when permanent crowns need to be formed at our dental lab.

Whatever your needs, though, your dental care team make the most of your time each time you visit. On-time scheduling means you won’t waste time sitting around waiting to see your dentist.

Download our convenient appointment form and schedule a visit that works for you. Bring all your information with you and get all of your dental treatment done the same day! Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

Let’s get started.

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