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A cracked tooth is more than just a cosmetic issue that mars your perfect smile. It can lead to cavities, an infection or total tooth loss if left untreated. Pain due to a cracked tooth is often accompanied by sensitivity to hot and cold due to exposed nerves. Fortunately, there are a number of simple yet effective general dentistry treatments available to you that will restore your cracked tooth.

We can repair your cracked tooth in one of several ways – filling, bonding or dental crown. A tooth with a small crack can be repaired with a filling or bonding quite readily while maintaining your smile. A larger crack or broken tooth might benefit more from a crown, which is essentially a tooth-shaped cap that will be inserted over the original tooth, protecting it and providing an improved appearance.
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Repairs to Damaged Teeth

Depending on the extent and location of the damage and the amount of enamel loss, repair of a damaged tooth may be as simple as a filling in a single office visit. More extensive damage, or a cracked tooth in a visible location that affects your smile may require bonding.

Dr. Yu will assess the damaged tooth and determine the proper procedure to repair the tooth. If bonding is necessary, your tooth will be repaired using a composite resin formulated to match your tooth color. First the tooth surface will be etched with a liquid that will make for a better bond. The bonding material is shaped to match the shape of your cracked tooth, then hardened with UV light.

Thanks to technology available to us today, there are numerous treatments available for restorative dental work. At Avalon Dental Group, we offer alternatives that will suit your needs and fit your budget. Whichever service you choose, you can trust that you’ll receive the highest quality care and best results you’ll find anywhere. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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