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Sugar Land residents depend on Avalon Dental Group to keep their smiles bright and healthy. We provide you with all the general dentistry services you and your family members require to attain and support continued oral health at its best. Our patient-centered care uses advanced dental technology and procedures, ensuring a comfortable and relaxed visit with us. Our state-of-the-art practice saves you both time and money. Our dental instruments, materials and procedures provide a more productive and efficient visit, so you spend less time in the dental chair and get outstanding results.

General dentistry services provided by Avalon Dental Group include:

All of our services and treatments are performed with your comfort and optimal oral health in mind. You and everyone in your family deserve a healthy, beautiful smile. Our commitment at Avalon Dental Group is to make certain that you achieve this ideal.

Helping You Achieve Optimal Oral Health

We begin with a comprehensive oral examination and professional cleaning. During the examination, your dentist will identify problem areas that need to be addressed. Digital x-rays may be required to detect problems below the surface of the teeth and gums.

A professional cleaning not only removes the plaque and tartar from your teeth, but it also allows the hygienist to identify any areas that may be developing gum disease. Plaque and tartar accumulations lead to gum disease. Even individuals who brush their teeth regularly may be susceptible to tartar buildup. This hardened, yellow-brownish substance cannot be brushed away, but it must be removed with special instruments. Our high-tech instruments break up tartar and remove it quickly.

Preventive care is a critical part of maintaining your best oral health. It is also the best way to keep dental costs down. Early detection of dental problems allow for less extensive treatment.

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Oral health is a serious matter. Research shows that your oral health is linked with your overall well-being and general health. Keeping your gums and teeth in good condition help prevent more serious health problems such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and pregnancy problems.

Today’s dental office is more efficient, relaxing and geared toward patient comfort. At Avalon Dental Group, we provide our services and treatments in a warm and welcoming environment. Your family will feel right at home. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a beautiful and healthy smile.

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