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For decades, dentures have been used to replace an entire arch of lower or upper teeth. While dentures are now more natural looking and durable than ever before, there are some drawbacks to traditional dentures that are simply unavoidable.

Traditional dentures refer to a removable set of prosthetic teeth that rests along the gum line. Denture adhesives are used to keep the restorative appliance in place. This contributes to the popular repercussion of loose or ill-fitting dentures. The compromised stability is what causes many denture wearers to avoid certain foods or even cover their mouth during a hard laugh.

What if there was a way to secure dentures into the gums and underlying bone just like natural teeth? There is! Overdentures are a revolutionary alternative to traditional dentures. They involve the surgical placement of dental implants to secure a set of dentures. Dental implants contain a titanium post that naturally fuses to the jaw bone over time; this acts as your artificial tooth root.

Overdentures can solve many of the common “woes” of traditional dentures, including the following:

  • No messy adhesive creams
  • No need to avoid hard to chew foods
  • No damage to your self-confidence in social situations
  • No premature facial aging due to bone loss
  • No need for multiple denture adjustments or realigns

If you love the way your dentures look, but wish they felt and functioned more naturally, consider upgrading to implant supported dentures at Avalon Dental Group. Overdentures are a life-changing investment for the majority of patients who choose them.

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