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Different kinds of drugs are introduced whether it is legal or illegal. One of these drugs is called Methamphetamine or meth (usually in the form of crystal or chalk) which is a synthetic drug and often used as a stimulant. Medically, Methamphetamine is used to treat people with ADHD( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or can be used in some weight-loss products with prescribed doses. However, some people are abusing the use of Methamphetamine because of its effect like strong well-being, hyperactiveness, confidence and happiness (according to users).

Meth users are said to be more attentive and alert, and they always find pleasure when taking it. Methamphetamine is also addictive, and by continuous usage of meth, it can ruin the user’s life. Methamphetamine is helpful in some cases, but it is also dangerous when abused.

Methamphetamine has a lot of effect on the body including brain and immune system. Moreover, using meth can affect oral and dental health like:

  • The user usually grinds and clench that develops into bruxism. Bruxism is harmful when it comes to dental health. It can create pressure to the teeth, and temporomandibular joint that causes pain and can destroy the teeth.
  • Since methamphetamine is addictive, it will lead the user to long-term use which will reduce the salivary flow affecting the number of minerals in the mouth and can increase the risk of having caries (tooth decay).
  • Caries – a dental problem that can cause infection not only orally, but also it can increase the risk of having diseases in the body.
  • Methamphetamine has an acid substance causing the user to have excessive chewing and clenching leading to the destruction of teeth.
  • Methamphetamine usage can cause dehydration and demineralization in the mouth that weakens the teeth and gums and can cause many dental problems.

People should understand that methamphetamine affects not only the body but also affect dental health. Avoid abusive use of methamphetamine to prevent dental problems and poor mental and physical health. Methamphetamine should not be used as a stimulant. Instead it will be used as prescribed by a professional.

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