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Tooth loss is never a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, this problem can eventually be experienced by a person as the teeth gradually decline as they age. The good news is, there are now several dental restoration options available to make the experience more bearable. One of the most popular procedures nowadays is dental implants. Instead of being a removable oral appliance, this particular option sits on the jaw securely after being surgically installed. Curious to know more about dental implants? We at Avalon Dental Group prepared a list of reasons why people suffering from missing teeth should consider dental implants. Read on below!

Dental Implants…

Look and feel natural

Although other dental restorations are also designed to look, feel, and function like real teeth, dental implant restorations are the ones that come the closest. As a result, it provides patients with the confidence to once again smile, talk, and eat without worrying or feeling embarrassed.

Have a high success rate

The good news about dental implants, patients can rest assured that their restoration has a success rate of over 90%; therefore, making it less likely to give problems even in the future.

Help make eating and speaking easier

Traditional dentures can move around in the mouth, slide, or even fall out when a person eats and speaks. On the other hand, with dental implants, patients can freely eat anything they want and speak without worrying since the prosthesis is securely anchored to the jawbone, giving it a stronger foundation.

Preserves the bone

The teeth serve as a stimulant that keeps the jawbone strong and healthy. In case some of these structures are lost, the vacant spaces are more likely to deteriorate, affecting a patient’s facial features. Fortunately, dental implants can serve as a replacement for the lost teeth to continue supporting the jawbone.


With proper care and attention, dental implant restorations can outdo the lifespan of any other dental restorations available. In fact, it may even last for a lifetime.

Aiming to restore your teeth as natural as it was before? Why not take advantage of the most popular restoration options nowadays in the form of dental implants in Sugar Land, TX! Call or visit us at Avalon Dental Group to get started.

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