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Ok, I know that my stated focus for this blog is Dental Education. I will strive to keep that its focus, but here in the beginning I must digress. Just this once… Please humor me my moment of parent-like pride in my new practice. (I won’t let it happen again… I hope, but ya’ll keep me honest ok?)

I promise this will be the LAST time I will ever post pictures or mention my practice in this section, but I spent a lot of time, sweat, blood, and tears (well maybe not literal tears) on this lil practice of mine. Please keep all the fawning and wooing to a minimum. 😉

Basically, I’m a general dentist in the Sugar Land, TX area, which is a major suburb of Houston, TX. Although I do offer services in cosmetic dentistry such as veneers, the focus of my practice is family dentistry and general dentistry. Please visit my website for a list of my services so that in the future you’ll be able to reference it to see if I even am qualified to be writing on a certain subject (again, ya’ll keep me honest). Oh BTW, my practice name is Avalon Dental Group. I’ve been asked “why Avalon Dental?” a lot. Maybe I’ll add that to the text of this blog sometime in the future to explain “why Avalon Dental”…

Reception Area:

Reception Area at Avalon Dental Sugar Land TX

Treatment Suite 1:

Treatment Suite at Avalon Dental Sugar Land TX

Sterilization Center (Where we sterilize our instruments):

Sterilization Center at Avalon Dental Sugar Land TX

Consult Room:

Consult Room at Avalon Dental Sugar Land TX

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2225 Williams Trace Blvd, Suite 111
Sugar Land, TX 77478

Phone: (281) 240-5559


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