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Dannie S. Yu MS, DDS

Allow me to introduce myself and share with you my philosophy of dentistry.

I was raised here in Houston and have seen this great city blossom into the diverse metropolis it is today. After graduating high school, I traveled out-of-state for college and dental school. Yet throughout my many travels, my love for Houston endured and I ultimately realized my career and my family would find its home here again.

It was my personal experiences with my family dentist in Houston that inspired me to pursue a career as a dentist. Unfortunately, I soon realized the landscape of dentistry had changed since I left Houston. Insurance companies, the cost of modern dental treatment and profit oriented dental corporations had squeezed out the neighborhood dentist. It created an environment where quality and care was replaced with quantity and the bottom line.

Yet through my experiences in dentistry, I still believe that patient care and education can co-exist with modern dental treatment. In fact, I believe the recent advances in dentistry put a premium on patient education and follow-up, the guiding principles of “old-fashioned” dentistry.

It was with this goal in mind that I created the Guiding Principles that my practice was founded on. Interestingly by practicing these Principles, I discovered the next generation of dental patients. Patients that value a long-term relationship with their dental team, that value knowledge to help them prevent oral diseases such as cavities, and respect the value of their good oral health. I also discovered these patients have become friends over time and has made dentistry rewarding for me again.

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