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As a valued partner in your oral health, we would like to take this opportunity to remind all our patient family how to floss correctly. Flossing is an integral part of the daily oral hygiene regimen. The action of flossing pulls bacteria, food debris, and irrigates the spaces between your tooth and the gums that surround it. Without flossing, your oral health will be susceptable to cavities and gum disease. For more information on flossing or any other oral healthcare question please visit us at Feel free to use the Live Chat function to have all your questions answered. All of us here at Avalon Dental are available to answer your questions.

Like any new task, flossing can be a chore at first. Studies have shown that flossing is the only dependable way to maintain the health of your gums and the underlying bone that holds your teeth in firmly. If done properly and regularly, flossing can become as easy and productive as brushing.

  • Step 1: Use at least 18 inches of dental floss and wrap the floss around each of your middle fingers, leaving about 1-2 inches in between fingers.
  • Step 2: Press the tips of your index fingers on each end of the 1-2 inches of floss and make the floss taught between them.
  • Step 3: Gently guide this portion of the floss between your teeth and pull both index fingers in one direction to wrap the floss around one of the two teeth the floss is in between.
  • Step 4: Gently slide the floss down below the gums and back up. Repeat a couple of times and then wrap the floss around the other tooth and do the same.
  • Step 5: Repeat for every tooth using a clean portion of the floss. This usually requires you to unwind and rewrap your middle fingers with the next segment of floss.

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