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You may be aware of the nutrients that your bones need to stay strong or your heart needs to function properly. But have you considered the vitamins and minerals that your teeth need? If your teeth aren’t healthy, you won’t be able to chew your food properly and fuel the rest of your body. There are many nutrients that benefit your smile, and Vitamin C is at the top of the list.

What Vitamin C Does in My Body?
Vitamin C is known for helping in the formation of connective tissues, such as bone and cartilage. It also boosts the immune system and supports proper healing within the body. Since our bodies aren’t able to store Vitamin C for long periods of time, it is important to get a daily intake of this important nutrient.
Where Can I Get Vitamin C?
You don’t have to love oranges to stock up on Vitamin C. You can find Vitamin C in many fresh fruits and vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, strawberries, carrots, grapefruits and red peppers. When possible, avoid getting your daily Vitamin C through fruit juices, as these can be high in sugar and acids, which is harmful for your teeth.
How Does Vitamin C Benefit My Smile?
Considering its role in connective tissues, Vitamin C strengthens the gums, bones and cartilage that anchor your teeth in position. It can also fight oral bacteria and help keep your gums free of disease or infection. If your gums bleed easily, it may be an indication that you are deficient in Vitamin C.

At Avalon Dental Group, we consider all possibilities when your oral health is suffering, from your lifestyle habits to your diet deficiencies and more. We love helping patients understand the specific roles that certain Vitamins play in their dental health. For the sake of your smile, make sure you are getting your Vitamin C today!

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