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You may be aware of the different types of teeth in your mouth, such as molars, canines and incisors. However, did you know that each tooth has distinct components or layers. Understanding the unique parts of each tooth can help you understand how to take care of them.

3 Layers of a Tooth

This is the outermost layer of your tooth. It is the hardest substance in your entire body and is designed to protect the tooth from harm. Enamel is largely composed of calcium phosphate. While enamel is substantial in strength, it can erode, weaken and wear down if exposed to certain factors. Once bacteria and plaque accumulate on this outer surface, acids are produced that can create tiny holes in your enamel (also known as cavities). In addition, acidic drinks, aggressive brushing and teeth grinding can also damage and dissolve the enamel of a tooth.
This is the middle layer of the tooth. Dentin is composed of minerals as well as tiny tubules that lead to the innermost part of a tooth (the pulp). Dentin is significantly softer than the outer enamel. Therefore, if bacteria or external damage reaches the dentin, sensitivity is likely to occur. The dentin layer is also yellowish in color, so if it is exposed your tooth may look dull or dingy.
This is the innermost and softest layer of a tooth. Your pulp is where the living tissues and nerves reside. It is also where your tooth connects to underlying gums and bone. If decay, infection or other damage reaches the tooth pulp, you’ll likely need a root canal to save your tooth from extraction.

Your teeth provide amazing capabilities, ranging from speech and eating to smile aesthetics. To protect them well, it is important to understand the intricate structures that give them their capabilities. Doing your part to keep bacteria, food debris and plaque from accumulating in your mouth will help your teeth do their job better. To learn more about your pearly whites or to schedule a routine teeth cleaning in Sugar Land, call Avalon Dental Group.

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