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Oral surgery can involve procedures ranging from a simple tooth extraction to a complex corrective jaw surgery. Regardless of what type of oral surgery you are scheduled for, it is important to plan ahead. In fact, the following preparation tips for oral surgery can make your recovery period smoother and faster.

Know What to Expect

It is important to understand exactly what your oral surgery entails and what you can expect when you return home from your procedure. We suggest asking your oral surgeon questions like the following:

  • How long will the surgery take?
  • Will I need a general or local anesthetic?
  • How long will the recovery period be?
  • What foods should I avoid before and after surgery?
  • What are the risks or potential complications I should be aware of?

Plan for Someone to Drive You Home

Whether you are having IV sedation or oral sedation, it is typically best to arrange for a ride home after your procedure for safety. Your driver may also need to pick up prescriptions that your oral surgeon ordered.

Stop Smoking Before Surgery

Smoking can contribute to complications during surgery and greatly impede the healing of your oral tissues. While it is best to quit smoking altogether, please refrain from your habit for at least 12 hours before and 24 after your procedure.

Stock Up on Soft Foods

After oral surgery, you’ll need to avoid hard-to-chew foods. Consider purchasing choices such as oatmeal, gelatin, soups and protein shakes before your surgery. Keep in mind that you should avoid using a straw after oral surgery to prevent dry socket.

Clear Your Schedule

Downtime and rest are important after oral surgery, as this is necessary to help the body facilitate optimal healing. Even though you may not use your mouth to do certain activities, your body needs the extra energy to restore the delicate oral tissues that were injured during surgery.

At Avalon Dental Group, we proudly have an elite Board Certified Oral Surgeon on our staff that performs all types of oral and facial surgery services for your convenience. To learn more about what you can personally expect for your procedure, please contact Dr. Dar at our Sugar Land dental clinic.

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