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Dentists and people who once suffered from gum disease would all agree that seeking professional treatments to combat the devastating condition is imperative. If asked when is the best time to do so, the answer is NOW!

Gum disease starts with the inflammation of the gums that makes it vulnerable to bleeding and infection—the stage referred to as gingivitis. If proper actions are not taken, the easily treatable condition progresses to advanced periodontitis. Unfortunately, this stage increases a person’s risk of developing both oral and overall health complications. At Avalon Dental Group, we understand the possible consequences of gum disease, and we want our patients to know that as well. Doing so can make them realize the importance of oral care at home and their routine dental appointments.

The good news is, despite the seriousness of the disease, treatment is highly possible—thanks to the continuous advancements in dentistry services. At our practice, aside from the regular cleanings included during biannual visits, we also have a deep cleaning procedure for the treatment of people suffering from gum disease.

What is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning or scaling and root planing are effective treatments to fight off the devastating gum disease. These treatments are different from regular cleaning. Aside from cleaning the teeth surface (enamel) and along the gum line, as its name implies, deep cleaning reaches underneath the gums for a more in-depth clean.

Although it may sound like a complicated process, do know that scaling and root planing are actually straightforward and non-surgical. To provide patients with a comfortable cleaning experience, local anesthesia is often used. Once it has taken effect, special tools will be used to scrape off all the harmful debris that can threaten a person’s oral wellness. The dentist will make sure to cover all areas of the teeth including the pockets that formed on the gums. These pockets can be deep enough to serve as the perfect area where unwanted particles can accumulate.

After scaling gets rid of plaque and tartar under the gumline, planing is performed to polish the roots for the reattachment of the gums to the teeth. This step prevents the reoccurrence of infection.

Scaling and root planing under our periodontal therapy in Sugar Land, TX at Avalon Dental Group are highly advised for people suffering from gum disease. Not only does it stop the progression of the condition but it also prevents the formation in the first place! Contact us to know more about the process.

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