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Dentist showing an x-ray to the child patient

Today, I came across this news article from that restated something most dentists are already aware of. Most American’s do not have easy access to dental care either through geography or financially.

Opinion: The Real Crisis in America’s ER’s by Dr. Charles H. Norman

Dr. Charles Norman authored this in depth and well written article about the epidemic of dental emergencies that are adding unnecesary work loads to our already over-worked ERs. With our governments concerns about the cost and access of medical care to our citizens, the role of dental health has been overlooked by our representatives. Dr. Norman makes a very important point that unlike medicine, dental health problems are easily preventable with easy access to preventative care and instructions. My team here at Avalon Dental in Sugar Land, TX, take great pride in emphasizing the importance of prevention through in depth oral hygiene instruction and careful regular screenings.

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