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At Avalon Dental Group, we gladly accept United Healthcare insurance policyholders. We appreciate the difficulty you can have in finding the care you want with the insurance coverage you need. To make sure you are getting the best of both, choose a care provider who is dedicated to treating each patient with dignity and respect. Find a dental care team that is compassionate and motivated to providing the highest quality care in a welcoming environment.

We believe you’ll discover after you’ve looked around that you will find no provider more passionate about your dental health than Avalon Dental. Our staff will make each visit a relaxing one and process your insurance claims for you to get the most out of your benefits as well as your dental care.

Dentist that Accepts United Healthcare Insurance

Your United Healthcare insurance covers you for the preventive services such as cleanings, exams, x-rays and more. Many of our restorative treatments and other more extensive services are also covered by your United Healthcare plan.

On your initial visit, we will consult with you to discuss what you want to get from your dental care and go over your insurance with you. We’ll work together to create a care plan that will work for you and fit within your insurance coverage.

We understand how much your confidence is dependent on what you see in the mirror each day. If you don’t see the very best smile you can have, don’t worry. We’ll get there together before you know it.

Contact us today and schedule your consultation visit with us. We will go over the details of your plan and discuss all the treatment options available to you. We can get the most out of your coverage at the least cost to you, so you can have the smile you deserve.

Let’s get started.

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