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Everything at Avalon Dental Group, from our offices to our guiding principles, is built on establishing trust and creating a welcoming environment for our family of patients. To that end, we accept most major insurance plans and are an in-network provider for PPO plans too. We accept Delta Dental to make sure more of our patients are able to receive continuing dental care.

You can trust your care team at Avalon to get your insurance paperwork completed promptly and completely so that your claims are paid in a timely manner. We want you to be able to relax while you’re with us and focus on maintaining a healthy smile.

Dentist that Accepts Delta Dental Insurance

Your Delta Dental insurance covers you for the preventive treatments you’ll need to maintain your smile, like x-rays, cleanings and periodontal exams. In most cases, restorative dentistry is covered as well. Our office staff can advise you on how to get the maximum benefits from your particular plan.

When you come to Avalon Dental Group, you are among friends who are passionate about your comfort and dental health. We pledge to do everything we can to provide the highest quality dentistry with the lowest level of stress or hassle. We’ll also help you with your insurance policy, and process your claims for you to minimize delays in payments.

We do everything we can to eliminate stress and save you time so that you can relax and look forward to having the smile you deserve.

We’re grateful that you are considering us to be your dental care provider and we pledge to always treat each patient with respect and compassion. Contact us today to schedule a visit for you and your family members. Get started on your way to a healthy, happy smile.

Let’s get started.

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