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For the highest quality dental care in Sugar Land, TX, Avalon Dental Group is unsurpassed. That goes for our insurance coverage too. You can count on Avalon Dental to provide the best in dentistry and we accept Cigna insurance so you can count on coverage for the services you enjoy here.

Cigna dental insurance covers you for routine preventive care like exams, x-rays, cleanings and more. In addition to preventive services, Cigna dental also provides coverage for more extensive work. Your Avalon Dental team will process claims for you so that you don’t have to worry about missing out any benefits and will get the maximum from your plan.

Dentist that Accepts Cigna Insurance

To better serve the community, Avalon Dental Group accepts most major insurance plans including Cigna. You receive insurance coverage through Cigna for most every service we provide at Avalon Dental. Our front office staff know all the ins and outs of the insurance plans so they can provide expert advice on how to get the most out of your Cigna coverage and pay the least amount possible out-of-pocket.

At Avalon Dental Group, we believe you shouldn’t have to miss out on the care you need due to expense. That’s why we accept most major insurance plans and offer financing options as well. Contact us to schedule your next visit, bring your insurance information with you. To save even more time, fill out one of our online forms before your scheduled appointment to expedite the process.

Your dental health is too important to be sidetracked by lack of insurance coverage. With Avalon Dental Group and Cigna insurance, you’ll be on your way to a winning smile in no time. Contact our practice today.

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