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Straightening crooked or misaligned teeth can be easier than you think. When your smile leaves something to be desired because your teeth are not straight, Invisalign® may provide the solution. The Invisalign system of orthodontic treatment involves clear plastic aligners that fit over your teeth and gently move them into position over time. This method of straightening teeth is effective and more comfortable than the traditional method using metal braces.

Some individuals forego having their teeth straightened because the thought of wearing metal braces seems like too much discomfort for mildly misaligned teeth. The hassle involved with wearing metal braces for over a year to straighten crowded or overlapping teeth may not seem worth the trouble. Invisalign clear aligners straighten your teeth discreetly without the constraints of metal braces. People may not even notice you are wearing aligners, and you will enjoy the convenience and ease that come with this method of straightening.

Discreet And Comfortable

Metal braces are very effective for straightening teeth, but there are also disadvantages that you will not have with Invisalign aligners. Metal braces require many visits to the dental office for adjustments as the teeth move into alignment. Invisalign uses clear aligners that are changed out every two weeks. There are no wires or brackets to tighten or repair.

The clear plastic aligners are worn over your teeth and removed when you eat. Unlike metal braces where you must follow dietary restrictions, there are no off-limit foods with Invisalign. You can eat all your favorites, including the hard and sticky foods that are not allowed when wearing metal braces. Enjoy popcorn, pizza and caramel apples when using the Invisalign system of straightening teeth.

Oral hygiene is simple with Invisalign also; just remove your aligners. Maintain your usual routine of brushing and flossing your teeth, and clean your aligners with warm (not hot) water. Put the aligners back in after you are finished. No special instruments are needed for cleaning. Straightening your teeth with Invisalign is simple and convenient.

Invisalign aligners make it easy for anyone with mildly crooked or misaligned teeth to achieve a smile with beautifully straight teeth. Older adults are choosing this method to discreetly enhance their smile.

Invisalign Teen® is popular among young people because of the convenience as well it being nearly invisible. Teens appreciate being able to enjoy time with friends without worrying about what foods will be offered.

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