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Seeking a dentist that offers sedation dentistry services in the Katy and Fulshear, TX, area? If you’ve been putting off your dental care out of fear or if you’ve been denying yourself the smile you deserve due to dental anxiety, then call us today at Avalon Dental Group in Katy, Texas. We offer sedation dentistry for patients just like you. It is perfectly normal for you to have some anxiety when it is time for you to see the dentist. Not everyone can get comfortable or feel at ease in the dental office. Some patients have had negative experiences in the dental office, while others have heard inaccurate accounts of how dental procedures are carried out. These factors can produce extra anxiety.

At Avalon Dental Group, we understand that some patients are more at ease for dental care with sedation. Anxiety and gag reflexes, for instance, may cause patients stress as well as complicate their treatment. Phobias about feeling closed in can also cause stress for some patients. For these individuals, we offer level I and II enteral sedation.

To relax our Katy patients and make their treatment go more smoothly and quickly, minimal and moderate level sedation dentistry helps to ease their anxiety and make their needed dental work easier to accomplish at the same time. This ultimately saves time, as well.

Your Katy and Fulshear dentist will need to have your complete medical history and a current list of the medications and supplements you are taking. Once you have been cleared for sedation, your dentist will recommend the level which will be best suited for your anxiety. It is essential to have someone ready to take you home after receiving oral sedation. Though side effects are minimal, you may feel groggy for a while. Driving is not recommended after oral sedation.

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Nitrous Oxide & Oral Sedation

Prior to treatment, you have a choice of sedation methods. Each one provides varying levels of sedation. Nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” is administered through a mask, with the dentist controlling the amount. A combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide is inhaled during the procedure. You can expect to feel very relaxed but aware. Nitrous oxide does not induce sleep, although some patients may doze off due to the level of relaxation. When the work is completed, your system is flushed with pure oxygen. Recovery is immediate, with no side effects or grogginess.

Oral sedation likewise can be adjusted by a specific dosage of the medication Halcion one hour prior to treatment. The patient can be relaxed but awake and even able to sleep through their visit. You can be aware of your surroundings, yet relaxed. You will be given time to recover from this sedation, and you should have someone provide transportation home afterward. Some patients experience grogginess, so driving or operating machinery after this type of sedation is not advised.

If you prefer, you can elect to have deeper sedation and sleep through your treatment. This sedation level is recommended for those who have very high levels of anxiety and those who require a lot of dental work and wish it completed in one visit. You must have someone drive you home when this type of sedation is used.

Many individuals forego dental treatment as long as they can due to fears about going to the dentist. Advanced technology has made dentistry a much more comfortable and efficient experience than in years past; yet, anxiety remains a barrier for some. We want every Katy patient to get their dental care in the most relaxing and welcoming atmosphere we can provide. Our sedation dentistry provides you with a more comfortable experience.

Contact us today and schedule your dental care in a relaxed and welcoming environment at our dentistry office in Katy, TX.

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