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Looking for effective orthodontic treatment for you or your teen in the Katy and Fulshear, TX, area? Misaligned teeth can do more than spoil a healthy smile. They can make eating a chore, cause pain and discomfort in the gums, jaw muscles and temple. Beyond the cosmetic aspect, poor bite alignment is a health concern as well. The adjustments you make unconsciously when talking or chewing to compensate for misaligned teeth can lead to tooth wear, cracking, tension headaches and more.  Avalon Dental Group offers orthodontic treatments at our practice in Katy, Texas.

Avalon Dental Group’s orthodontic services are designed to align your teeth and give you a proper bite. We proudly offer the Invisalign alignment system that is designed to straighten your teeth gradually and invisibly. Using a series of specially formulated plastic devices, you are in control as you graduate from one device to another every two weeks, without anyone ever knowing you’re wearing braces. Conventional braces are a thing of the past. No longer must you wear metal wires that have to be adjusted regularly, cause embarrassment and self-consciousness. Be ready for those prom photos and selfies at any moment while you align your teeth with Invisalign.

Find out more about the many options available to you at Avalon Dental Group. Our Katy state-of-the-art office and equipment offer you so many options to get the smile you want, you’ll be amazed. We accept most traditional dental insurance policies and offer financing options as well to make sure nothing stands in your way to a perfect smile. Reshaping your mouth, transforming your smile, restoring your confidence and self-esteem are what we’re all about at Avalon Dental Group. Contact our office in Katy, TX, today to schedule a consultation. A great smile awaits you here.

Meet our Board Certified Orthodontist, Dr. Abedini

Dr. Abedini

Sara Abedini Board Certified Orthodontist

Dr. Abedini completed her specialty in orthodontics at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where she graduated with honors and awards in both the clinical and academic research fields. During her time at UCLA, she was a head TA and lecturer for dental students, contributed to orthodontic research, and had presentations selected for numerous conferences.

Before starting her journey at UCLA, she earned her PhD from the Department of Orthodontics and Craniofacial Developmental Biology at Hiroshima University, Japan. During those years, Dr. Abedini published many articles in peer-reviewed journals. She also co-authored a book chapter about orthodontic treatment for patients with dentofacial deformities and syndromes.

She is a proud Diplomat of the American Board of Orthodontics as well as an affiliate member in the Edward H. Angle Society.

Dr. Abedini’s broad experience in the dental field since 2007 and her extensive years in education reflect her passion and love for orthodontics, particularly her patients.

After spanning many countries, Dr. Abedini has settled in Houston where she has been practicing orthodontics and dentistry since 2017 and is passionate about supporting and building the Aliana community.\When she is not working, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time with her family.

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