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Dr. Paul LeTellier, Endodontist
Dr. Paul LeTellier Jr, DDS, MS

Choosing Dr. Paul LeTellier Jr, DDS, MS, an experienced Endodontist for your root canal, root canal retreatment or any complex cause of tooth pain that needs to be addressed will ensure that you are working with a highly trained specialist who knows how to identify the source of tooth pain and provide relief!

The Avalon Dental Group in Katy, TX, offers excellent endodontic care for patients. Dr. LeTellier has specialized training to care for the roots and nerves of your teeth. Consult with our endodontist first when you have tooth problems caused by damage or decay and risk losing that tooth. Many damaged and infected teeth can be salvaged and spared extraction with root canal therapy.

What Is an Endodontist?

The endodontist has completed studies in general dentistry and has continued education in the endodontics field. This consists of an additional two to three years of extensive training focused on tooth pain and root canal treatment, as well as other procedures relating to the interior of the tooth. This extra training allows the endodontist to identify and treat a tooth that has become infected or has nerve exposure.

Less than three percent of the dentists who complete dental school continue with their education to become endodontists. These specialized dentists are sometimes hailed as the Specialists in Saving Teeth. Their extra training allows them to better identify problems with the tooth interior and look for anomalies that can affect the outcome of routine root canal therapy.

Relieving Pain and Saving Teeth

An infected tooth, or one damaged to the point of nerve exposure, can be very painful. The pain caused by nerve exposure can be so intense that you may feel the only recourse is to have the tooth extracted. The endodontist can relieve the pain and may be able to save your tooth, which is always the preferred choice.

Your natural teeth, even those that have undergone root canal therapy, provide structure for your facial muscles and keep your jawbones healthy. Saving a natural tooth helps keep your mouth at optimum health when you practice good oral hygiene.

Our endodontist at the Avalon Group in Katy, TX, is happy to help you keep your natural teeth intact and restore them to health. When you have tooth pain or an abscessed tooth, contact us to schedule your appointment with our endodontist.

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