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Seeking a restorative dentistry that offers dental bridges in the Katy and Fulshear, TX, area? For patients needing to replace adjoining teeth, Avalon Dental Group in Katy can fill your smile with natural looking replacement teeth that will hold in place firmly and improve your smile. A dental bridge is a simple and affordable cosmetic dental procedure that may just be what you need to replace your missing teeth.

Dental bridges, as the name implies, literally bridge the gap between teeth where natural teeth are missing. The teeth on either side of the dental bridge act as anchors to keep it in place and provide stability. The bridge itself is comprised of two or more crowns to be installed over these anchor teeth, and false teeth in between to fill the gap.

A dental bridge can restore your smile to its natural appearance and allow you to chew and speak normally. Additionally, a dental bridge can restore the natural shape of your face and prevent teeth on either side of a gap from shifting out of position.

Installing Dental Bridges

The initial visit at our Katy dental practice when getting a dental bridge will involve having the anchor teeth prepared by removing a layer of enamel from them. The removed enamel will allow the crowns from the bridge to fit over them properly and blend more naturally with your surrounding teeth. Impressions of the teeth will be made and sent to a dental lab where the crowns and bridge will be made.

Our Katy and Fulshear dental restoration specialist will prepare a temporary bridge for you to wear until your return visit to protect your teeth while the bridge is being made. Follow-up visits may be necessary as your dental care team check to ensure your new bridge fits properly. Once we’re sure you have an ideal fit, the bridge will be cemented into place permanently.

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