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Although your teeth are designed to last a lifetime, few people have this experience. In fact, by the time the average American reaches the age of 50, they have already lost a dozen of their permanent teeth. Many people can expect to lose at least 30% of their teeth by the time they reach their 70th birthday.

Preventive care can help you keep most of your teeth. Regular dental checkups serve to minimize the conditions that can lead to tooth loss. Even with proper dental attention, you may still need to have a tooth extracted during your lifetime. When that happens, it can be removed with gentle care and compassion. That is what we provide at Avalon Dental Group.

We do what we can to preserve your natural teeth, and extraction is a last resort. When a tooth needs to be removed, we go the extra mile to ensure the procedure is efficient and as comfortable as possible. You will feel pressure during the process, but we work to ensure that you do not feel pain.

There are several reasons why a person may experience tooth loss. In most cases, a tooth needs to be extracted because it has decayed beyond repair. Severe periodontal or gum disease is another reason why a tooth may need to be extracted. In fact, gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in later years of life.

Severe periodontal disease causes infection, which damages the gums and causes the bone around the tooth or teeth to dissolve. As the disease progresses, the bone loss becomes so acute that the tooth becomes loose in its socket and may fall out.
Trauma to the mouth, such as that which occurs in sporting accidents, can also lead to tooth extraction. If a tooth is cracked or broken and the damage extends below the gumline, it will need to be removed.

Pain-Free Tooth Extractions

Some teeth are easy to remove, while others may take more effort. There are many factors affecting the way in which a tooth is removed. Usually, pressure is involved to loosen a tooth from its socket. Anterior teeth have only one root, so they are generally easier to remove than molars that have three or more roots. When a tooth has roots that are solidly embedded in the bone or curled around the bone, the tooth can take longer to extract.

Anesthetic is administered to eliminate the pain of tooth extraction. Some patients may require sedation to help them relax at a deeper level. When a patient has difficulty discriminating between the sensation of pressure and pain, sedation often helps.

At Avalon Dental Group, one of our top priorities is to ensure your visit with us is comfortable and relaxing. This holds true for patients who require tooth extraction. We provide pain-free extractions when that tooth needs to be removed. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

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