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Dental Implant Model

Dental implants carry an exemplary success rate. Unfortunately, they are not invincible. Just like your natural teeth, dental implants must be maintained. Even with proper care, however, dental implants can fail or become damaged. The good news is that most dental implant issues can be easily corrected. There are a wide variety of dental implant repairs available, depending on the specific damage that has occurred.

Dental implants involve two primary components, including the titanium post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone and the implant restoration (crown, bridge, denture) that is attached on top. In most cases, the implant itself will not need repair or replacement. Rather, most dental implant damage involves the crown, bridge or other restoration that sits above the gum line.

Replacing and Repairing your Implant Restoration

These types of implant repairs are more affordable and quicker, as it just requires a repair or replacement of a prosthetic restoration. With proper measurements already gathered, it is rather simple to fabricate a new crown, bridge or denture, and replace the worn down or damaged one. Dental implant repairs of this nature can be used for implants that crack, chip, loosen or break.

When the Implant Fails

It is possible that the dental implant (titanium post) can fail. This is most often the case when bone loss is present and the implant loses the stability that it once had. Bone loss can happen over time or as a result of gum disease. In addition, patients who avoided recommended bone grafting before their implant procedure may find that their implant does not have enough bone to properly anchor the prosthetic tooth in the long-run. In either case, it may be necessary to undergo a dental implant repair that involves restoring health to the gums, building up the jawbone (bone grafting) and replacing the entire implant.

At Avalon Dental Group, we proudly offer complete implant dentistry, which includes a full menu of dental implant repairs in the comfort of our soothing office environment. We understand the urgency of fixing damage within your implant as soon as possible. Please call our office today to learn more about our capabilities in dental implant repairs.

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