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Did you know that at least 20% of Americans have one or more untreated cavities? Cavities need treatment; they do not heal on their own. Neglecting an area of decay can cause pain, infection and even tooth loss as it worsens and grows deeper into the tooth. The decay can also spread to nearby teeth.

Early Cavities Don’t Cause Pain

Unfortunately, you may not even know you are neglecting a cavity if you have been neglecting your routine checkups. A six-month dental exam is the best way to detect cavities at their earliest, most treatable stage. If you experience sharp pains or sensitivity in a tooth, it may already be too late. Early cavities generally do not produce symptoms. This is an indication that the cavity has reached the inner portion of your tooth structures.

Remember that treating a small cavity typically involves a simple dental filling. Getting a filling is quicker and much more cost effective than other restorative treatments. If you’ve neglected a cavity, you may need a root canal and/or crown to repair the tooth. Consider this extra expense the next time you are tempted to put off your routine checkup.

Consider Your Drink

It is also important to be aware of your habits. Cavities are caused by bacteria. Bacteria feed on the sugars that we consume. Your beverage of choice could be a primary culprit! Do you regularly drink sodas, energy drinks or fruit juices? If you like to sip on these throughout the day, you are giving tooth decay an open invitation. After each sip of a sugary drink, the bacteria reacts for another 20 minutes on your teeth. Consider how long you are bathing your teeth in sugar throughout the day. The bacteria will then produce acids that destroy your tooth enamel, forming small holes or cavities in your pearly whites.

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