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An average American spends at least six months of their entire life waiting for a traffic light to go green. A man can also consume a total of six months of his life looking at the mirror. Do you know what else can be done in six months? Straighten your teeth!

Most people thought that teeth straightening on average take years to complete, not anymore. The advances in dentistry made it possible for patients to achieve straighter and healthier smiles in as short as six months, thanks to Six Month Smiles. It is a type of modern orthodontic treatment that aims to work like the traditional approach but at a faster pace. It is designed to straighten the teeth that show the most when smiling – front teeth.

For those who are wondering, Six Month Smiles uses the same principle as with traditional braces. It also utilizes brackets and wires to move the teeth, but instead of metal, transparent or tooth-colored materials are used for a more discreet look. It made the treatment ideal for adults who were looking forward to straight teeth but disliked the idea of having a mouthful of metal for years. Teens who feel pressured to achieve their dream smiles without being called brace-face or metal mouth can also benefit from it.

At Avalon Dental Group, we are committed to providing only the best dental care services available for our patients to achieve an excellent oral health condition. We offer Six Month Smiles as a part of our orthodontic services for those who have certain teeth irregularities like malocclusions, diastema (gaps between teeth), and misalignments. For those who are not quite fond of the idea of an appliance attached to their teeth, they can always choose the other option we have which is Invisalign. To help patients who are entirely unfamiliar with the treatment, here are some advantages of Six Month Smiles they should consider:

  • Patients can expect that there are lesser dental appointments throughout the treatment duration.
  • Those who worry about their looks are assured that the brackets and wires used are pleasant to look at.
  • The orthodontic appliance applies lesser and much-controlled force. The discomfort that is commonly present to any treatment is less pronounced compared to the traditional approach.

Ready to achieve your dream smile with Six Month Smiles in Sugar Land, TX? Book a consultation at Avalon Dental Group for our dentist to check whether it is the best course of action for your teeth irregularities!

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