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Dental crowns are one of the most trusted and versatile ways to improve your smile. Crowns can be used to correct cosmetic imperfections, but they are most often used as a restorative treatment to add strength to teeth that have suffered extensive damage by decay or trauma. Dental crowns are so “life-like” that they are also chosen as implant restorations, or the prosthetic teeth that attach to dental implants to replace missing teeth.

Along with their beauty, dental crowns are also known for their remarkable durability. Quality dental crowns can last for several years – with proper care. Just like your natural teeth, a dental crown needs your attention and caution if you want to maximize its lifespan. At Avalon Dental Group, we want to protect your dental crown investment. Therefore, we encourage patients to adhere to the following tips for caring for dental crowns:

Avoid Sticky and Hard Foods
Crowns are meant to withstand everyday dental function. However, you may be pushing the limits of your crown if you regularly choose to eat hard or sticky foods. Crowns are subject to chip and break just like natural teeth. Sticky candies can also cause issues, as they can weaken or loosen your crown or cause food bits to get stuck in between your crown and your gums.

Keep Brushing and Flossing
While your crown is essentially “artificial” and resistant to staining and decay, it is still protecting a real tooth underneath. You’ll need to keep up your oral hygiene efforts by brushing and flossing so that food particles, plaque and bacteria will stay away from your neighboring teeth and the gums that are supporting your crown. Not cleaning your crown can lead to bad breath, gum disease and decay on the adjacent teeth.

Stop Bad Habits
Do you bite your nails, chomp on ice or grind your teeth when you’re stressed? These are habits that can wreak havoc on both your natural teeth and your dental crown and compromise its lifespan. Do your best to kick these harmful habits before it causes damage to your crown. When it comes to teeth grinding, if you engage in the habit while you sleep, it is important that you talk to your dentist about getting a custom nightguard to protect your smile. The weight of biting pressure per square inch increases exponentially when you clench or grind your teeth.

See Your Dentist Regularly
It is imperative that you don’t skip your routine visits with your dentist. Professional exams and cleanings ensure that the gums that are supporting the crown are staying healthy. In addition, your dentist will also make sure your crown is still seated in its proper and comfortable position.

At Avalon Dental Group, we want to help you care for your crown, and we also want to know if you are experiencing changes in the way your crown looks or feels. Call our Sugar Land office today to schedule your appointment.

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