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Dental crowns are one of the most used procedures in dentistry. Crowns are considered as “dental caps” for damaged or compromised teeth, as they cover or encase all visible surfaces of the affected tooth. Best of all, modern crowns offer the function, feel and appearance of natural teeth so that others won’t be able to distinguish a dental crown from a real tooth. Dental crowns are used in a wide variety of circumstances, including those that repair or replace teeth as well as situations that involve improving the appearance of teeth.

More Than What a Filling Can Do

While dental fillings can be an excellent way to repair minor areas of decay or fractures within a tooth, they don’t have the ability to restore all types of tooth damage. When the damage is too large or too deep, a dental crown can be used. If the tooth has an infection or is at risk for dying, a root canal can be used to save the tooth. A dental crown is often suggested after this endodontic treatment as a means to strengthen the tooth and protect it against future threats.

A Preferred Prosthetic Tooth

Dental crowns are frequently in restorative dentistry. When a dental bridge is installed, a crown is typically placed over the natural teeth on either side of the bridge to ensure those teeth have the added strength they need to hold one or more prosthetic teeth. In addition, when a dental implant is used to replace a single missing tooth, a crown can serve as the restoration that attaches to the abutment above the gum line – essentially acting as a permanent prosthetic tooth.

Cosmetic Correction

Dental crowns are not reserved for restorative use. Many patients can benefit from a crown as a means to cover stains and misshapen teeth as well as correct minor issues with a tooth’s positioning. Crowns are made of tooth-colored porcelain material that can be custom-shaped and sized to fit your ideal smile.

Whether you have cracked, worn down, decayed or missing teeth, we invite you to discover the benefits of a dental crown. At Avalon Dental Group, we proudly use the latest technology and materials to craft beautiful crowns for our patients. To learn more about dental crowns for cosmetic or restorative use, please contact our Sugar Land dental team.

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