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When you think of what you eat or drink and how it impacts your smile, are you considering acid erosion? Acidic beverages and foods are found throughout our diets. Examples range from soda and wine to pickles and citrus fruits. While there are a number of menu items that are healthy for our bodies, their pH value could be threatening your dental health. 

When acid invades our mouth, a harmful process happens on the surfaces of our teeth. The outermost layer of your tooth is the enamel. This protective coating can erode when acidic foods and drinks come in contact on a consistent basis. Slowly, but surely, acid will attack your smile and wear down your tooth enamel.

How do you know if your soda habit or love for pickles has already damaged your teeth? Learn the following signs of enamel erosion:

Sensitive Teeth
Once your enamel wears thin, the inner layers of nerves become more exposed. This may cause pain and sensitivity when you consume hot or cold foods and drinks.
Discolored Teeth
The layer beneath your enamel is called the dentin layer. Unfortunately, this dentin is more yellow than white in color. Therefore, if your enamel has eroded, your teeth may appear dull or discolored.
Rounded Teeth
It is common for the acid to wear down the corners or edges of your teeth first, which makes the tooth look more rounded or even dull.
Cracks and Chips
Enamel damage can also cause tiny cracks or small chips on your teeth. This is due to the fact that the tooth has weakened.
If you notice indentions on the surfaces of your teeth, this is another clue that acid erosion may have occurred. This can also make your feel like your fillings are loose or about to fall out.

The consequences of oral acid are significant. Our saliva helps to neutralize the acidic products we consume and water can certainly aid in rinsing away the harmful effects. However, if the damage has already been done, please schedule an appointment with our skilled dental professionals at Avalon Dental Group. We can treat your acid erosion and rebuild your smile. In the meantime, pay closer attention to the acid value of your diet.

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