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White teeth can make a person look more attractive and even younger. Unfortunately, there are several factors that work against our desire for a bright, white smile. Although a professional teeth whitening can often reverse tooth stains, it is helpful to understand exactly what is causing your teeth to lose their brilliance so that you can retain your whitening results for a longer period of time.

It could be that your personal habits are causing your teeth to yellow. If you frequently add dark, stain-causing foods and drinks to your diet, then you may find your teeth looking less than bright. Examples include coffee, red wine, blueberries and tomato sauce. Besides your eating habits, another habit that could be sabotaging your white smile is tobacco use. Cigars, cigarettes and chewing tobacco leave behind extrinsic stains on the enamel of your teeth that can be difficult to remove.
Did you know that you could blame your parents for your yellow teeth? Genetic disposition can determine the thickness of your tooth enamel. Remember that the enamel layer of your tooth is the protective outer layer that sits on top of the inner dentin layer. Unfortunately, dentin is a natural yellow color. Therefore, if you have genes for thinner enamel, your yellow dentin layer will be more visible.
The same principles that apply to genetics can apply to the aging process when it comes to yellowing teeth. As we grow older, our enamel naturally becomes thin, which reveals that less attractive yellow dentin layer.
Another reason for a dull smile may be found in in your medicine cabinet. Certain medications can cause stubborn tooth stains. Although the most common is tetracycline, certain antihistamines, antipsychotic drugs and chemotherapy can also wreck your efforts for a brighter smile.

Here’s the good news: Regardless of what might be causing your teeth to look dingy, most patients can benefit from a professional teeth whitening. There are countless over-the-counter teeth whitening products that may provide limited improvement. However, a professional whitening procedure at your dental office can ensure you get the safest and most effective results, especially if you have more stubborn tooth stains. Professional teeth whitening is uniquely designed to penetrate and bleach that yellow dentin layer of your tooth and consequently lighten its hue. Contact Avalon Dental Group to find out if teeth whitening could help you smile more confidently.

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